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    “This CD has been over 20 years in the making since I was 17 years old,” says Reverend. This is simply the application of Mk 11: 14,21-25 using todays technology , tools, and equipment to bypass any possible doubt or conscious resistance to change.
    The name of Jesus is mentioned 18,400 times throughout the entire cd per listening utilizing the power of atonement and the miracle power of Jesus Christ name for Financial Windfalls, The revalue of the Iraqi Dinar, Wealth, and spiritual advancement in God. It’s no coincidence that Jesus name is mentioned 1084 throughout the entire New Testament. Thirteen is the number of Attraction! Jesus Christ said, ” If I be lifted up I will draw (attract) all men unto me .”  The name of Jesus is a miracle tool and power as taught in the Holy Bible even used by those who didn’t follow Jesus or People Jesus didn’t know. This Subliminal CD can be the Miracle Catalyst utilized by thousands to call upon the name of Jesus on the subconscious level for the Miracle change one really needs, desires, and craves.  The name of Jesus drives away all evil and demons.  Let the name of Jesus bless you with Miracle finances, Windfalls, and financial deliverance now forever.  ” The services I utilized for this project were provided by .  Normally back in the early 90′s this service cost $300-$1000 dollars, but now you can get your customized subliminal produced based on your own thoughts and desires. You can also order and request only in the next 30 days, “Solomon Johnson The Clever Giver’s” Friend and Reverend’s speciall scripted Jesus name Miracle cd. Goto to order it. “You have my permission to use my words and script ,” the Reverend says.

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Source : DBA Solomon Johnson The Clever Giver
Country : United States
Industry : Entertainment, Wireless
Tags : iraqi dinar, Dinars, miracle, Money
Last Updated : May 31, 2012
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